Pilot Project in Green Electricity

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Based on its Energy Track & Trace registry, the transmission system operator 50Hertz has started a pilot project in Germany to enable hourly level transparency on green electricity sources. Together with green electricity pioneer LichtBlick and the start-up Granular Energy they generate granular energy certificates, record them in the ‘Energy Track & Trace’ registry and match the green electricity generation for first Lichtblick customers at a granular level.

Key takeaways:

  1. Using Granular Energy’s platform, LichtBlick is able to manage these certificates in an automated way to give end-consumers full-transparency of where their energy is coming from down to the hourly level.
  2. The project is based on the ETT register of the Elia Group with verified measurement data.

Next steps:

  1. Expansion of the pilot project to further Lichtblick customers.
  2. Scaling of ETT in Germany to further suppliers.
  3. Automated connection to the GO register of the German IB UBA to avoid double counting.


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