Energy Track & Trace Initiative

Project location
Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Netherlands
Temporal matching
Geographical matching
Per bidding-zone, cross-border
Energy tracked (measured/forecasted)
Tracking method
Granular Certificate

Energy Track & Trace (ETT) is an initiative developed by Elering, Elia Group, Energinet and VertiCer. ETT is a granular certification scheme built by a partnership of European GO Issuing Bodies (IBs) and transmission system operators (TSOs).

Key takeaways:

  1. ETT is a voluntary scheme designed to be used by corporate energy buyers and energy suppliers that are already seeking more transparency.
  2. ETT’s IT infrastructure is centered on trust and transparency and uses cutting-edge open-source digital technology.

Next steps:

  1. Involve interested consumers, producers, suppliers and service providers in the participating countries as users of granular certificates.
  2. Start commercial operation of the registries.
  3. Include more European IBs and TSOs in ETT and thus achieve a pan-European exchange of granular certificates.
  4. Make granular certificates the de-facto standard for green-power in Europe, by example and as a scalable and adaptable IT solution.


Project stage