The Granular Certificate Trading Alliance

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United States
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Granular Certificates

The Granular Certificate (GC) Trading Alliance, spearheaded by LevelTen Energy in partnership with AES, Constellation, Google, and Microsoft, has joined forces to develop a pivotal solution in collaboration with ICE to reduce carbon emissions in the power grid.

Key takeaways:

  1. The Alliance is developing a trading platform for hourly CFE, with robust transaction infrastructure allowing market participants to trade and manage settlement and deliveries. 
  2. Platform development is structured to align with GC standards.  
  3. The platform will drive price transparency into the value of carbon-free resources based on time and location.
  4. This is a shared solution for all energy market participants: CFE generators, energy buyers, and financiers.

Next steps:

  1. Continue building the GC trading platform.
  2. Encourage energy market participants to use the solution actively.
  3. Promote clean energy availability through the platform.
  4. Continue to foster industry collaborations to shape the future of energy markets.


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