Decarbonizing a Global Financial Institution

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United States
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The Brookfield Renewable – JPMorgan Chase partnership sets a high benchmark for corporate sustainability and decarbonization. This pioneering partnership leverages Brookfield’s extensive hydropower resources and cutting-edge blockchain technology to meet JPMorgan Chase’s goal of sourcing 100% renewable energy for its global operations.

Key takeaways:

  1. It is a pioneering step that marries innovation with sustainability by harnessing advanced blockchain technology developed to track the energy generation it supplied megawatt-by-megawatt, in real time.
  2. By matching the instantaneous output of a facility to corresponding demand, the technology brings enhanced transparency and auditability to renewable power purchases, enabling authentication of the transaction.

Next steps:

  1. Scale, transparency, auditability and a strong commitment to sustainability. 
  2. As the world looks to rein in planet-warming carbon emissions to tackle global warming, these are the tools to put us on a path to achieving this critical goal.


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