24/7 Renewable Supply for Commercial Customers

Project location
Temporal matching
15 mins
Geographical matching
Energy tracked (measured/forecasted)
~29 GWh/y
Tracking method
Hourly matching

Cleartrace is matching Brookfield Properties and its tenants’ electricity consumption with renewable generation on a 24/7 basis, through source-specific access to Brookfield Renewable’s ~2,600 GWh of hydropower plants in upstate New York.

Key takeaways:

  1. Monitored using patented energy-tracking technology from Cleartrace to ensure that electricity consumed is matched digitally, on a 15-minute basis, to renewable generation.
  2. Cleartrace’s platform provides an accurate, real-time view of carbon footprint, enabling auditable, around-the-clock monitoring of energy generation, procurement, and consumption, showing near-zero market-based Scope 2 emissions from electricity. This granular data enables Brookfield Properties to offer its tenants premium green leased office space, including tailored reports for each tenant.

Next steps:

  1. More and more leading-edge businesses are seeking detailed data and real-time tracking to help them shrink their carbon footprint, as well as prove and report their progress.
  2. Brookfield Properties is evaluating how to roll out this capability across more of its U.S. commercial real estate portfolio.
  3. Zero-carbon electricity will be essential for U.S. businesses to achieve Net Zero, and this deal, combined with Cleartrace’s patented technology, supports their customers on their journeys, delivering solutions that meet their diverse requirements.


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