Offshore 24/7 Energy Matching for District Heating

Project location
EnergyTag audited
Temporal matching
15 min
Geographical matching
Country level
Tracking method
Granular Certificates

Temporal matching of offshore wind supply for 22 MW e-boiler for better steam production.
EAC issuing body (CertiQ) works with FlexiDAO, the GC issuer, to avoid double counting.

Key takeaways:

  1. Proved the viability of GCs as more granular market instrument.
  2. Provided further evidence that a more transparent, time-based certification system can be integrated into the current sustainable energy certification system.

Next steps:

  1. Initiative focuses on testing feasibility of Granular Certificates in real-life settings in accordance with EU, Dutch renewable energy certification, and EnergyTag Guidelines. 


Project stage