Matching for Google’s 24/7 CFE Goal

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Denmark, Netherlands, Ireland
Temporal matching
Geographical matching
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Energy tracked (measured/forecasted)
Tracking method
Granular Certificate

Implementing FlexiDAOs software in Google’s portfolio, simplifying the access to and aggregation of energy data. FlexiDAO will also issue, transfer, and match T-EACs to the data centers’ hourly load profile and finally redeem them on Google’s behalf, following EnergyTag standards.

Key takeaways:

  1. FlexiDAO creates verifiable energy and carbon records stored in an immutable, energy-efficient blockchain that acts as a digital notary.
  2. Demonstrate the viability of T-EACs (GCs) to accelerate the energy transition.
  3. Support the widespread adoption of T-EACs (GCs).

Next steps:

  1. Simplify the access to and aggregation of energy data across Google’s European portfolio.
  2. Identify operational challenges in the process of energy data collection.
  3. Pinpoint hours of electricity consumption not sourced by renewables.



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