IREC-Google 24/7 Matching Pilot

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Temporal matching
Hourly + annual supplement
Geographical matching
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272 [GWh/y]
Tracking method
Granular Certificate

The project’s goal was to support Google on their first 24/7 matching test outside of the US and Europe through the hourly retirement of I-REC(e) for Chilean data center energy consumption.

Key takeaways:

  1. The combination of contracted solar, wind and grid CFE provided an hourly matching of 69% for 2021 in Google’s data center in Chile
  2. Provided the access to hourly or sub-hourly data, granular EAC infrastructure from the IREC Standard allows to implement 24/7 matching exercise.
  3. Contracts for clean energy projects under joint ownership need to be adapted in order to avoid double counting of hourly certificates by registries and project developers.

Next steps:

  1. Repeat and automate the hourly matching algorithm on an annual basis in Chile.
  2. Consider contracting other CFE technologies (e.g. battery, wind, hydro) to fill the remaining gaps to achieve c.a. 100% hourly matching.
  3. Explore hourly matching at other Google data centers in IREC countries.


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