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EnergyTag is organized and governed through a number of key functions illustrated below, each with their own distinct set of responsibilities.

The Board of Directors is responsible for fiduciary duties and key governance decisions, while the Advisory Committee provides the initiative with expert guidance, in particular, on the EnergyTag standards.

The Secretariat runs the day-to-day operations of the initiative, working closely with the Working Groups that are responsible for delivering consensus-based content.

The Working Groups focus on the three major pillars we need to address to scale Granular Certificates globally:

1) Standards,

2) Market Development,

3) Policy.

The Independent Audit Committee is responsible for robust oversight of the audits for compliance with the EnergyTag GC Scheme Standard and Guidelines. The initiative has over 1000+ Participants from 500+ of the world’s leading organisations.

Board of Directors

Advisory Committee


Everything we do at EnergyTag is to help accelerate the clean energy transition – to do this we’re guided by three key principles :

  1. Mission-focused,
  2. Science-based,
  3. Feasible.


EnergyTag is an independent non-profit organization funded solely by philanthropic grants.
Our current funders are:

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Core Team